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By stikelighting
Map the human body by collecting electronic impluses of muscle contractions during daily movements. (the suit design similar to the animations industry use on live models to record movement for animated characters created in the computer/movie industry) Assign each lead with # or note, record the impulse firing sequences. A parapalegic should be able to wear a wired body suit powered by a small device that delivers the electronic stimulus to muscles that are programmed into an mp3 or ipod. There would be stored sequences for each activity; such as walk straight ahead, veer right, sit down etc. Most of our movements have counter muscle movements needed for balance, this would fire multiple muscle groups in the natural order. Change your direction, change the song!

Reward: Have someone in Animation animate a Real Human Body!
By Solenoid
The idea is not bad but are you sure that the deep, intense and complex movements of the muscles can be triggered by electric impulses transmitted through the skin? I don't think that the electrical ''ghosts'' (of the actual electrical signals making the muscles move) that can be picked by sensors on the skin can trigger that movement if applied inversely on the skin. Not even if they are amplified, because they should be applied not on the skin but on the corresponding/adequate nerves/nerve endings. Perhaps the idea could be applied with some internal sensors which also act as firing electrodes. These can be surgically implanted and must have no wires, so the cuts could be completely closed. Each sensor unit could act as a wireless receiving/emitting muscle-controlling device.

A kind of hand prosthetic devices have sensors that pick the electrical signals coming from the severed nerves which are still remaining at the end of the damaged limb. Then those signals are amplified and used to control the electronic-mechanical hand.
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