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By tifonafiedler
This is an idea that I have thought of. It works like this. The Avalanche Survival Tool is enclosed in a backpack. If you are out skiing or snowboarding and you are caught in an avalanche, the built-in sensor will detect it and trigger the system. A mask will pop out to fit your face, and as soon as the avalanche has hit you, a small vacuum pump in the tool sucks snow into the canister, melts the snow, and splits the water made from the melted snow into oxygen and hydrogen. The oxygen flows through your face mask to keep you alive until someone finds you.

Reward: Find some way to make this reality, people!
By MikelaB
Brilliant! I'd like to add a few features to your invention if I may. Shall we also add some kind of GPS signal so the rescue team not only knows where you are, but that you are in need of help? While the wonderous mask is creating oxygen, can it also create water so that the wearer doesn't get dehydrated during the wait?
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