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By barnestah
As the weather turns colder here in the UK. I have had a idea for studded snow straps. as i feel snow chains and socks and alike are just too complicated and a pain to attach. My idea is as follows.... For alloy wheels only at present. Take your average (ratchet strap) shorten length and insert studs down the length. then simply strap through the wheel and tighten with the ratchet part on the inside of the rim. 2-3 or 4 per drive wheels should be plenty.

This design could work on any size wheel. and i would think cheap to make as most of the product has already been invented in the form of a ratchet strap.

I have searched the web for hours to try and find a product like this and find hard to believe it has not already been done.

I hope someone understands what i am getting at here. And takes my idea further. Please get in touch if any more info is required or if someone finds such a devise please let me know.

Good luck and god speed!! :)

Reward: A couple of pairs of these would be more than enough.

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