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By laurenhancock
Air powered massaging walking shoes, it will give walking a whole new feel. By using the wind from walking it will rotate little disks, that in turn rub the soles of your feet! How great is that?!
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By Michael D. Grissom
I would give anything for that to be possible but unfortunately you would have to walk about a mile (with no head wind) to generate enough wind power to massage your feet for about a minute at best. BUT!... you've got me thinking about it because my feet always seem to hurt after walking awhile. You CAN generate enough power to accomplish your goal by using your intermittent body weight on each shoe while walking. This is doable! I would think that direct mechanical conversion to randomly 'snap' or 'pop' a few hundred points on your foot with each step would be great. Hint; remember those 'clicker" party noise makers or have you ever taken an electronic cigarette lighter apart to see what makes that 'snap' sound? Those are direct mechanical conversions. The trick would be to do it silently so that it doesn't sound like your walking on 'bubble packing'.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Almost forgot,.. the next best thing if you haven't already tried it are those fine bead mat shoe inserts that use the natural movement and pressure of your foot inside the shoe.
By Trudy
Know what I'd like to see in/on shoes - a type of "speedometer" that measures the distance one walks. I have to regularly measure new walking routes for my morning exercise by car to get to the 5kms I like to do. I wonder if there isn't already something like that available?
By Rishi
There used to be a device called 'Pedometer'. This was just a mechanical revolution counter attached to a wheel about 1 foot diameter fixed to the end of a stick with a convenient handle. A step of three feet gives a count of one. Just trundle this wheel along as you walk. The difference in count before and after multiplied by three gives the total distance in feet. This is the same way a car measures distances too. It has been a few years since an ad for this was seen though.

Every person usually develops a rhythm in walking. You will not be too far off if you just time yourself for the same walk a few times, and then use an average time for the distance you want to cover. A furlong more or less would not matter for an exercise.

By MaddieDT
Pedometers are also available that clip onto your waistband. The simplest ones count your steps as you walk while others allow you to set your stride length and will calculate your distance for you. I think a few will even calculate calories burned and stuff like that if you enter additional information like your weight. has several digital ones available.

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