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By javaz99
Kerry, before and after her Mission Makeover ambush. Photo: Kristin Burns

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the most glamorous locations in California. And that's where our Mission Makeover team found Kerry -- looking anything but Hollywood. Dressed in sweats, without a trace of makeup, and her hair hiding her pretty face, she was in need of the red carpet treatment.

Starting the transformation was makeup artist and hair stylist Roberta Inez. Step one: eyebrows. Well-groomed brows can change your entire look. Inez tweezed unwanted hairs, and then redefined Kerry's arch.

Kerry's flawless complexion needed little foundation so Inez opted for a tinted moisturizer to give her skin a sheer, fresh glow. On her eyes, she used a palette of soft neutrals -- perfect for day and night. Inez applied a soft brown shade to the lids and creases, while on the brow bones she swept a shimmering taupe.

Kerry gets eye-opening makeup and well-groomed brows. Photo: Kristin Burns
To keep the look soft and natural, she used a brown eye shadow to line the upper and lower lash lines, and finished with brown mascara. The cheeks and lips stayed soft and pretty with a peachy-pink blush and pale pink lipgloss.

Kerry after her Mission Makeover transformation. Photo: Kristin Burns
Kerry's one-length, blunt bob camouflaged her face. To open it up, Inez cut long layers in the front, as well as, in the back to create movement. Using a large barrel curling iron, she gave Kerry's 'do a little swing.

Finding a dress that fit in all the right places was stylist Jordan Feldman's challenge. His selection: a layered eggplant sheath with a plunging neckline that hit just below the knee. Paired with sheer black tights and peep toe heels, Kerry was paparazzi ready.

The final result: Hello, Hollywood!

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