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Deaf People or Hard of Hearing People would like to be able to go to movies in movie theatres, but can't because the movie doesn't have closed captioning or can't understand what's going on in the movie. So I came up with an idea of maybe having the closed captioning on the back of the movie chair, so it doesn't bother the hearing people. Or if we came up with glasses like 3D glasses that have closed captioning in them, so it doesn't bother the hearing people. Deaf/Hard of Hearing people need to be able to go into movie theatres and watch movies like anybody else would. I know this because I am Hard of Hearing myself.
The problem with this idea is the expense of equiping each chair in the movie theater with specialized equipment. Also it would be difficult to look down at the chair while looking up at the movie. Perhaps a better approach might be to have a flat bar type screen under the regular screen that would show the closed caption and would only be visible with special glasses that could be provided at the box office on request. A small refundable deposit would make sure the glasses are returned after the show.
OR a wireless screen could be checked out at ticket booth that displays the closed captions, or maybe an app for a smart phone that uses the camera on the phone to sync to the movie and select the movie automatically. These wouldn't require as much to install or produce.
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