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By stanyslaw
I had this idea for quite awhile but it's been on the back burner for sometime until I started seeing these commerials like dairy queen, and nation wide when these people are mixing reality with fantasy in these commercials so I thought about my Mars first line t-shirts putting pictures of for example like a photo of my immediate family and my special Mar's first design over it saying 'Mar's first family" or have a photo of a retail store "Mar's first retail store" having any subject or thing labeled "Mar's first ?. Mar's first rock star or rapper with your personal photo. Right now it seem like fantasy but in the future maybe 50 years from now people maybe living on Mars. I just wrote a book story line about that called Mar's First it's quite good and it's no aliens involved aligned with our current times and people here on earth. I hope I could get it into a book and possible movie next harry potter hugeness!

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