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Imagaine an Apple TV-sized device (maybe a bit thinner).

On the front there is a thin slip for a cd/dvd; below that are 2 usb slots and to the right of that are SD card openings. There is no screen.

This device can be connected through a USB cable to any Apple device - MacBook Air, iPod Touch, iPhone, and the iPad to name the important ones.

This device has its own built-in processor (the equivelant of the Apple A5 processor), a gigabyte of RAM, and a built-in hard drive from the iPod classic that is 160 gb.

Alone, this device accomplishes nothing, but the "iProduct" of your choice controls it through an app. The app can be used to take songs off the cd and store it on the hard drive. It will also add the songs to your library on the "iProduct" - same goes for pictures, videos, and other files.

The device contains its own built-in battery, but uses minimal power because there is no screen. The app displays everything. This device, when paired with an iPad, would make the regular MacBooks useless.

Reward: Please make it and give me one. I'd use it all the time.
Yes, to some extent. the hard drive would a maximus xt. because of its great power consumption to performance ratio.

you would plug it into your iphone, switch it on, then go to your Idrive app. from their you could rip a cd to the hard drive or directly to the music app on your Iphone. or a work document, video with no copy protection.

as long as the iphone is plugged in to the Idrive, the files can be accessed and used by any app. you could edit a video in imovie and save it to the idrive rather than your phone if your trying to save space.

It is a mobile media hub.
Basically your talking about a External Hardrive plus a DVD Burner you don't need the RAM or Processor.
Its sounds good I might look into this idea :). And I will remember to give you one if I do make this happen :)

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