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By TomT
Have tried many bed-sheet holders and almost all are useless or complicated. This system involves removing the mattress and then turning it so may not be ideal for frail people or 7-stone weaklings !
The holder consists of a strong 4" wide and 4'long fabric strip with 8 elasticted pairs of arms about 12" long. The arms are attached securely at top/bottom 45 degress angle to secure the sheet corners and at 16" and 32" to secure the sides. Each of the pairs ends in a 1/2" male/female fabric-covered press stud.
Method - Remove mattress from bed and spread out new sheet,place mattress on top of sheet and pull all 4 sides over,attach arms by sliding one strip underneath the sheet and pressing the stud on the other strip. The sheet should be firm but not too tight to avoid damage,the press-studs are covered for the same reason. When finished with all 8 arms turn the mattress over. I have not been able to find anything like this online but would be surprised if it has not already been "invented"


Reward: I would love one of these,the clips that I am presently using are difficult and time-consuming to attach/detach.

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