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By NCoppedge
A small computer-like device or program that provides social advice, and attempts to make pragmatic use of known information about a person. Draws on a significant database of knowledge about psychological preferences and social benefits payouts.

Essentially, a knowledge-based computer program that serves a disposable, consumer-benefits purpose.

These could also exist as a form of credit chit, i.e. they could be purchased in large quantities and only provide small quantities of valuable advice, in a disposable way. They could be called K-Chips (for knowledge) or S-Chips (for systems), or even G-Chips for gossip.

These chips or chits would make use of for-pay bots on the internet, to get to the information first.

One strategy is to be elaborate, suit the individuals specific language preferences (giving them "exactly what they want to hear") or simply having the best thing to say on the subject, in a condensed form.

For example, people can't always find what they want to hear on Y!Answers.

Reward: I would like to see more information-based knowledge patterns.

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