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By sureshn
The idea is to create a optical storage device like CD using colors. The CD's used now are using laser to read the bits. If light is reflected back it is sensed as one otherwise zero. My idea is, instead of reflecting a plain light we can reflect a colored light and sense it. If we can represent 8 (2^3) colors at that point and sense it then we can store thrice the amount of a normal CD. And this storage capacity is directly proportional to the amount of color we reresent at a single point. I dont know how to store a color at a single point and sense it back. If anybody can do it, then u can make use of it.

Reward: If anyone is using this idea please let me know.I dont want anything more.
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By Steve
zyx Rationalist wrote:before i do it on my name

Feel free to. ;-D
By sureshn
Yes zyx Rationalist Feel free to ... ;-D
and thanks for your support steve!
By JackOfSomeTrades
If I recall correctly, *beep*? was working on multiangular reflectivity DVDs half a decade back. The reflective surface had the appearance of rainbow like colors to the human eye but the computer had multiple laser pickups that read from four different angles, each with their own 1's and 0's... I have no idea what happened to this technology...
By Rishi
What we see as colour is only various wave lengths of light. Already DVD recording can store 4 to 5 times what an ordinary CD stores.

The advantage of of '0' and '1' is that there are no shades( pun unintended), which leads to unambiguous reading. The limitation is due to the wavelength of light used for burning and reading. The sopot size is related to the wavelength.

Probably another factor of 4 enhancement of storage can be achieved if a short wavelength UV laser read/write can be used. If it were possible to use gamma rays probably a large storage can be realized. Instead of only recording only on the surface if a 3D recording and reading can be done large increases may be possible.


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