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By sureshn
Why can't the FM stations offer free internet and make money out of ads thru them? And we should be able to convert the FM signals into data. (Anyway this may be a single way connection...for uploading we have to use our phone connections.)

Reward: If used please let me know. I dont want anymore.
By jstr
Because there is always a catch. Wireless networks exist but they are generaly more expensive then convetional meens, and they don't use FM :P. See nothing is enirely free...
Say you want to start this project, you will need to ;

Build a tower to transmit data, this involves many people including engineers who are not cheap

Aquire very expensive equiptment

Security for the equiptment... as if people arn't going to steal it if they get the chance

Employ a lot of staff ... its free a lot of people will be using it so techs, help desk

Aquire an internet connection... I notice from your flag you are in India, the last time I was in india it was illegal for my employer to directly connect home via satalite and had to go trough rediff, so I imagine there will be a lot of red tape and heavy costs.

Legal assistance, people are going to complain, rival companies are going to take you to court for one reason or another just because you are hurting their business. Religous folk are going to try to sue you because their children discovered pornography via the sevice etc... you need to occasionaly employ lawyers.

And there are other costs involved, power, accounts, etc.

And just say you have lots of cheddar and you decide to do this, you now have a company that cost a lot to build. Are you realy going to keep giving it for free or would you try to recover you loss?

I think people often see the internet as being free and they are just somehow being ripped off. Perhaps it could be achieved by a socialist goverment, but thats for the society and politics section.

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