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By p1t8u11
I think i have a new idea as i cannot seem to find it anywhere.

The idea has come about due to the recent waves of flooding.

A the moment houses are set on Concrete and over that Carpet, Tiles, Laminate etc.

Now imagine adding another layer a platform, undetectable to anyone entering your house as again can be covered by laminate, carpet tiles etc.

The platform i believe would host a Wooden/Metal structure and would consist of a number of High powered electronic/hydraulic motors (depending on the size of the room) that at the press of a button would push the platform and your precious TV, Sofa, Tables etc in the air say 10". meaning a very little amount of damage from rain etc.

Think of it like a car garage, you car goes onto the ramps and hydraulics lift the car high, imagine now adding a very sturdy platform to it, put your sofa etc on top now imagine if it rained, is all you would need to do is lift the floor

I understand there could be a few issues with doors etc. but this is something else which could be modified for any home. Like adjustable spring loaded bottoms that would push up with the flooring etc.

I think this could be a very viable solution as you could also add the idea of adding a tech chip to automate the procedure in case of emergency, Maybe a sensor to detect a flood happening.

This idea it could help alot of people who may be away at the time and get back to find the house is flooded,. You could add some sort of alert based system, or and online portal that people could go onto and select to raise the floor.

This could also help to bring down home insurance costs as if you had this installed, insurers would see your home as low flood risk.

Kind Regards

Reward: Business input and a mention of who created the idea would be great.
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By Steve
Why not just put the house on a permanent 10 inch foundation? Add a couple of stairs and voila - fail-safe and much cheaper. Only problem is that 10 inches really aren't that lot in case of flooding.

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