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By Pinternihyeee
You know when you flick that switch on the dashboard or steering column that has a red triangle marking on it, then all your turn signal lights start to flash simultaneously? Yeah right, the "four way flasher"... Aren't they used to show other drivers that a/ you're in trouble and here is your vehicle location, and b/ your vehicle is in a place or situation that warrants caution for other vehicles moving near it?

Well the trouble with that flashing, is that if the vehicle is partially covered, either by a building or other vehicles (parked or otherwise), or viewed from far, far away, there is no way to know whether its operating as a turn signal or as a hazard light. Right? So the 'message' is not certain to the observer.

Well, I've watched airplanes at nite, and know for sure that they arent UFOs, just by the way their lights flash. Bip-bip, bip-bip, bip-bip ...

Why not the same for cars????

If the Int'l Aviation Assoc.s have a problem with that, then just make it go bip-bip-bip, bip-bip-bip, bip-bip-bip .... incidentally, that's similar to Morse code for S-O-S. Right?

Car manufacturers, perk up! Tell me what you think about it.
[more where that came from]

Any electronics enthusiast cud easily create the circuitry for this in their car...

Reward: See it on cars ASAP, installed free gratis in mine as well, and name 'em "Pinter lights" - meaning Smart Lights ... y'think?

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