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By nephilim
Have you seen them traser glowrings? Keyrings that glow in the dark not powered by light -like illuminous paint. They are powered with some kind of radioactive gas in a tiny glass tube that glows for about 10 years.

What I'd like to know is why hasn’t someone thought of sticking these glowsticks in self-adhesive cases that could be stuck in a whole array of usefull places, for example: light switches (see them in the dark), doorlocks on the home and the car – no more fumbling in the dark, hazard points - no more banging your head in the dark. And that's to name but a few applications. Very cheap to make.

Reward: i want some
By fiabelle
I'm not sure that this is a great idea. They already have light switches with orange light that lights up in the dark. I've one of these things. Also, there are other ways to have things glow in dark. I think the roadactive gas thingy that glows in dark may be harmful for you.
By nephilim
just imagine how cool your car would look with glowing rings around the door locks - eliminate the need for a light in your key-and how handy a glowing ring would be around your door lock,both places where a power source is not easily available. they are harmful in massive doses so just dont sit in a room full of them (they are used in watches also) :~(
By fiabelle
:-P You're right about watches..My watch glows up in dark and I didn't realize that roadactive thingy was used for watches lol. Ur also right about using it in places where power sources are not easily available.

But I don't have a car, so I don't really have a need for these glowing thingys.

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By Michael D. Grissom
If you really think about it... for most homes, the choice would be to replace every light switch with a self-illuminating switch (time consuming and very expensive) OR... simply pealing off a .01 cent luminescent 'dot' and sticking it on a light switch or anything else you want to find in the dark. Not only is this a great idea but I think you can find the luminescent material you need at a company called ToysAreUs in the USA. AND... if they sell it to kids, it's probably safe.
By nephilim
illuminous paint requres a light source to power it up, and then it fades. tritium vials can glow brightly for 10 years or more in various colours.
if you made these in a circular shape to fit around car door locks you would make a mint i reckon. ;-D
By Rishi
A few years back tritium lamps in one to two watt capacities as well as a telephone dial illuminator did come on the market. Did not do too well and faded out.

There are tlabels callecd RFID (Radio Frequency ID), which are affixed to cartons to identify the contents by remote questioning by a scanner. The RFID has a tiny antenna that picks up the RF signal, converts it to DC, stores in a capacitor. This tiny chrge powers the ID chip, which broadcasts its ID through the same antenna to the scanning device.
If this can be applied to a low power electroluminescent patch then one can have the equivalent of MDG's 'peel-and-stick' patch. There are enough radio stations flooding the place with RF. Remember the good old crystal set of the late forties?


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