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By jimmyjimmy
Nowadays you can chat with people as you watch them but you need to buy a external web-cam. My idea is why not include one on the monitor?

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By Steve
Or possibly IN the monitor... :-? Couldn't it be possible to have the camera aim right back through the glass of your screen?
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By Michael D. Grissom
The new 'nano' technology should make this possible. It would make the cam so small that it would appear as a single pixel in the middle of your screen -- barely noticeable. I'd be willing to sacrifice a pixel for that.
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By FlatTop808
With the avdent of flat screens, you could build something like a teleprompter, kinda like this:


I'm thinking you would need a special graphics card to reverse and invert the image in the monitor, but that card could also have the input for the web cam, so it would only need one cable.
By Jon1985
lol nice design but you would change a flat screen moniter into something that takes up so much space just for a webcam?
Also its a good idea to keep in mind if the web cam breaks, would be a big problem if its in your moniter.
By Rishi
With cheap imaging fibre optics available an unobtrusive cable end with a lens can be located on the top edge of the monitor with the cam itself inside the casing of the monitor. This way servicing will not be a problem.

By Devro68
hey, there is computers that have kinda what your talking about, i know theres quite a few labtops out there that have the camera built in right at the top the the monitor, there is also a few monitors out there that have it built in near the top too.... so you dont have to go buy a external one.
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