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By directlyforyou
I run a film production house and we do a lot of outdoor shooting all the time. I was just wondering if some one could come up with easy fix-up and easy-remove tents that can be comfortably carried and are resistant to high wind strain and also light weight.

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By Steve
I'm sure you already looked at all the existing types and models, some of which are light-weight, wind-resistant and easy to set up. What exactly do they lack that you need?
By Rishi
If you are in South India and outdoors you can fry even in dead winter.

Outdoor shooting means that there is no shortage of power.

Why dont you consider a blow up type of quonset house with an aluminum foil outer which will reflect off the heat? It is firmly anchored at the base and yields to the wind. Its double layer wall keeps off the heat. Normal opening and closing of the entry does not collapse the structure as the blower has enough capacity.

By Laura
Have you looked at self-erecting tents? They're sold in outdoor stores like The North Face or R.E.I. I don't know how wind-resistant they are, but I do think that one might meet your other needs quite nicely.

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