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By Laura
Concept: Sick of looking at that marmalade cat? Why not create the pet of your dreams.

Solution: First, an electrolysis session for your pet (this will ensure that the animal’s natural hair doesn’t grow back). Now for the fun part – a pet hair transplant (conveniently, this has already been human tested). There would be no limit to color, patterns and textures to choose from, with a complete line of natural and synthetic hair. How about a psychedelic cat, checkered dog or a gerbil with pinstripes?

Practical applications include:
- an easily identifiable pet with hair patterns arranged to indicate owner’s address, phone number or name
- quadruped billboard (generate advertisements on the side of your pet)
- synthetic hair completely eliminates shedding
- make your pet appropriately match home décor prior to stuffing
- afro pooch
- when you tire of your pet, don’t get rid of him, just change his breed e.g. a St. Bernard that resembles a Dalmatian
- have a horse? make your own zebra

Reward: A pink chinchilla with a pom-pom head piece.
By MissPlayful
This is about the silliest idea I have read for a long time, and one of the funnier. What is even sillier, is that someone will probably attempt it eventually. Certainly give us a laugh when we are out on the streets and we come across one of these bizarre beasts. I suspect actually that laws would be passed against denuding pets and transplanting new coats. A less invasive approach would be to achieve the same effect with genetic engineering. Whatever approach was adopted, we would need to consider the psychological effects on the pets of being laughed at whenever they encountered a human. Might turn a well-adjusted pet into a seriously neurotic pet very quickly!

On the basis that this idea is probably not intended to be taken too seriously (but who knows?), I gave it a vote for being silly and funny at the same time, and perhaps causing us to reflect a bit on the sometimes ridiculous lengths we humans will go to make our pets look different.
By Rishi
I am sure that the tongue was firmly in the cheek when the posting on the vanity pets was written.
What one does to one's own body is nobody's business. But when it comes to modifying another individual's(Even if that one has four legs and sports a tail- unless some human docked it), a line must be drawn. If one can get an informed consent from the party of the second part it might be alright.

One can think of a less drastic solution. Cropping the fur does not harm. Why not give a close hair cut and then put on a designer dress of the most exotic kind? One can have a whole closet full of these and change the dress every day. Sort of cat-walk for the cat. We will then not hurt the cat's felines.

Having said that, it certainly is a quaint and most entertaining idea in a long while.

By aarthidhar
What if the pet gets bored and wants a "dream owner" by
adopting one/combination of modes already described in the post.
Thank God that pets don't have the "human" bent of mind.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I really tried my best to hold this back but just couldn't do it!!!

(I've read Laura's other two posts which were both good and logical so I have to believe that she's showing her great sense of humor in this one -- if not, I sincerely apologize to Laura)
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By fullofideazmo
Dye jobs are already available for pets. Saw a TV judge hearing a fashion photographer and pet salon owner squabbling because the salon dyed the pets the wrong color for a photo shoot. Lets you indulge your whims more often, although it probably helps to start with a naturally white coat.
By splashy2
I hate to tell you this, but that would probably be considered animal abuse, since electrosis is very painful sometimes, and if done on a whole body, that would NOT be fun. 8-o Another thing is that animals may not respond well to this treatment. They could get sick, and even die from it. :,-( I don't think that many people would use it, though it is a good idea. It would probably be VERY expensive. Just a thought...

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