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In my home, we use cooking gas cylinder. If we create big cylinder electric batteries for cars and always carry two of them, then as soon as ones charge gets low, the other charged battery should take over and we have to just replace former with a charged one. Which means we should have at least three, i.e. one will be always charging at our home.

Or all these batteries could belong to a big power company and all gas stations could become battery chargers. I mean when we are on a long distance travel and one of the batteries gets low, all we have to do is go to the nearest gas station and exchange our battery with a charged one. Thus we will pay only for the charge and not wait for charging our batteries.

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By Michael D. Grissom
Buy a Honda or Toyota hybrid battery powered electric car and you get to carry the battery charger with you.
By Daryl666
longer mileage in a hydrid car can be achieved with solar panels. there are flexable solar panels that could easily conform to the roof/hood/trunk of the car and provide extra charging for the car even while you are just pulled over to go to the washroom or something.

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