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By mpcohen
This is a fairly simple idea for children at an age when they appreciate rattles. The toy would have two parts: a cyllindrically spiral track about a foot long and an inch or two wide; and a moving piece that is also cyllindrically spiral that would fit over the track and be able to slide along it, rotating as it does so. The moving piece would slide down the track through gravity. The track could then be inverted to get the piece to move again. Various color patterns and noise making features could be added to create further interest.

Reward: Getting credit for the idea
By Rishi
Very long back I have seen such a gadget in brightly coloured wood. The sliding piece was a horizantal beam with masks of clowns at either end. It was a rather longer than a foot and was used by somewhat older kids. Very young kids were a bit apprehensive about the revolving faces. The paints used were toxic and the thing was too expensive for the Indian market and disappeared.

Maybe you can interest Leo Mattel toys or Lego to take it up.


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