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An online recipes website, that allows you to search for recipes based on ingredients. Not main ingredients, like most recipe sites, but ALL ingredients.

In other words, I would log onto the site, enter in what I have in the fridge and in the cupboard (store the info in a database so I don't have to add it every time), and then look for what I can cook. I would only see recipes that I would be able to make at that moment with the ingredients I allready have.

Reward: Inform me about it.
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By Michael D. Grissom
If not out already, it should be out soon -- a refrigerator that reads barcodes and measures weight and keeps track of what you put in and take out AND prints out a shopping list. It would be fairly simple to add a program to that system that would also create your recipes based on what remains available.

This would be great for single guys like me who never remember the potato until it branches out of the crisper drawer and blocks my view of the shelves.
By extro
I absolutely love your idea on the reverse-recipie-search based on available ingredients. I am getting started on building it...

BTW, I noticed that someone has set up a very basic reverse-recipie-search using google at but they did not have your ingenious innovation to limit recipies to only the ingredients that you have, because what good is it when you are desperate to find a recipie that you can't actually make!

Wish me luck...I'll keep you posted every step of the way.

Oh, did I forget to mention...brilliant!
By socratesOne
Keep me posted about it. Also, let me know if you're doing it in php/mysql. If so, I'd like to see the code (I'm learning php/mysql right now). If you made it an open source project, that would be great.
By extro
I was thinking of building it in flash/xml/php/mysql so I'd be happy to send the code your way.

I think it will only be a good service if lots of people use it and contribute recipies, therefore it's extremely important to make it totally free for people to use. However, I don't think making it an open source project is necessarily a good idea, because if you get multiple sites doing the same thing, it will drag the quality of them all down because they will not get as many users contributing...
By websbark
bar codes will be a thing of the past before they build a fridge to read them. the new thing is RFID. these little labels will allow you to the scan all the grocerys in the cart at once.
By lagmatt
Hey, just wanted to know if anyone has implemented this idea, as i would like to do this as a final year project for my degree, if thats ok? cheers, matt
socratesOne wrote:An online recipes website, that allows you to search for recipes based on ingredients. Not main ingredients, like most recipe sites, but ALL ingredients.... Reward: Inform me about it.

I am creating something very close to what you are talking about.

I actually found this site searching to see if what I am creating is out in the internet yet (it isn't)

My step son actually mentioned it last week, as an “add on” to a similar recipe page I had been planning on making (as in – am now in the process of developing with him).

Reverse look up: It is not the site itself, but merely a feature to a much larger site involving recipes.

Also, it is not exact what you are saying because it will only address the ingredients of the recipes we post, so therefore, not all ingredients you will find in your kitchen will match our entire list (i.e. until it is a huge list of recipes, it will only involve a few major ingredients)

I am looking into patenting the site as a whole (still trying to find someone locally who will help me with that…), or at least the majority of what I made up, because I haven’t found its core purpose anywhere online yet (I did find some downloads that do similar things but not quite like it) – the patent will obviously either not include the “reverse lookup” feature, or include it as the description as a whole.

So the idea is still our for grabs, even though I hope to release a full version of the site in early 2005 (Feb/March at latest – beta test to commence in late December 04 / Early January 05)

The recipes will be for free, but the other 5-6 options it will hold will be a nominal charge (yet to be revealed after the beta test – probably a dollar or three a month depending on how many modular features we have)

Reward? When we get out of Beta, I’ll re post!

;-D Remember: it is still up for grabs, because this is only a small part of a much bigger site...
By lagmatt
Thats sounds great Boraxus, i have decided to use this site for my project. It will be just based around the whole idea of searching for recipes with the ingrediants a user has. Not sure if i will put this online yet, ill see how it goes. I will inform you all on how it goes

8-o While doing a more in depth search i found this:

specifically, a store that has used this software has created this:

This is different from the database/webpage I am creating, but similar concept.

Use basic boolean searches with the ingredients you do have, at the bottom of the page.

GSN claims 65,000 + recipes.

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By magicat
I like to cook and throw random ingredients together. I'd love to share recipies when the site is up and running. :-D

Any updates on this project?

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