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By Loulou
A recyclable cardboard, collapsible bowl shaped like a steamer insert for a saucepan ~ for use in cinemas. You know how peole love to eat potato chips etc in the movies, but the crackling of the bag is so annoying to those around you? Cheap to produce, the candy bar can supply the bowl with purchase of packet of chips; moviegoers can then open packet and pour into opened bowl, and dispose of packet in bin before entering cinema. Luxury, and no more waiting for noisy parts of the movie to eat!

Reward: Free Movie admission or products
By thinkingcap
Crunching of potato chips is noisy too. Think of crunchiness without the noise ? :-D
By silverhammers
I have always thought if you had something like a bag, that had a small arm that would grab onto the seat in front of you that you pour the items into it. You could also put the popcorn that is sold into this bag.

Or, you could get something like a cup holder that you get at the autoparts store, but instead it hooks onto your leg. Unfortunately, it will get into the way, if you have to repeatedly get up to let people that have had too much soda.

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