Yesterday's news and re-inventions that have been submitted to the Creativity Pool. See what they look like and where to get them.
By 1metalhead74
Would like to see computer keyboards with illuminated keyboards. So if you're up by yourself or people watching TV in the dark you can see the keys. I know it's a simple idea. But it would be nice to see even if it was just used on them for decorations. Make it interesting and let the consumer or whoever choose the color they want. I dont know if this has been thought of or even tried but it might be pretty cool to see.
By xXS1ay3rXx
thats a sweet idea i believe there might be one or to like that on the market.
By ibgarrett
All the PowerBook's from Apple have backlit keyboards - nobody has done it widely commercially however.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I love my DVORAK!!! Before, I could only type 2 wpm and now, with the DVORAK, I can blaze along at 6 wpm! =))

Google keywords (using the quotes) "backlit keyboards" will get you about 1,920 hits. There are lots and lots of them out there.
By jfm1958
Yes, that's already been invented. Did some research on this, but can't remember the name of the company that sells them. You might want to go to and search this one out. . .
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