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By Ishai Klawansky
I live in Johannesburg. It is a city with virtually no form of efficient public transport. It is fairly large and is a problem to get around without a car.

My idea is to implement a modular type of public transportation eg monorail or a surface rail system within a transparent tunnel-like enclosure. This would cover the whole city in concentric tracks with bisecting tracks going out from a single point in the centre. The whole system would be completely automated. The system will automatically select the most efficient route. There will also be an arterial track between cities and towns.

I know this is a fairly futuristic idea but hopefully it will eliminate inconvenience and road car accidents.

Reward: To see it happen one day.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I just responded to another mono-rail post on this forum. It addressed the clear tubing above the ground.

I have a good friend here in the United States that is from there.
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