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By lolita
Make bathing platform at a higher level with run off collected in a WC which could be used to flush toilet. It will save a lot of fresh water.
By Pasci
This is an EXCELLENT idea. It is perfectly doable. Everybody can do it. It's cheap and easy.
The only problem might be the limited ceiling height in some countries.
By Rishi
Reuse of gray water is an important water conservation method. However, the suggested method, while simple, has some implications.

It could be hazardous to climb up a flight of steps to reach a higher level bathig platform in a wet environment, especially for those a bit unsteady on their feet.

The wash water will have a lot of biological contamination as well as nutrients from soap etc. If this water is stored micro organism growth is almost certain.

There are existing methods to collect, treat minimally, and reuse this water. There is of course a cost to it.

By Daryl666
this is a fantastic idea. the use of rainweater has been done on a very small scale using rainbarrels at the bottom of downspouts but never done on the scale u have thought about. organisms can be pulled out with a filter that is cheap and lasts a very long time and although bathing in it is not to appealing it may be used for say flushing toilets ect.
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