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By that'smyQueue!
I am very tired of the political system in the UK. We get sick of the Conservatives, so we vote for Labour. We get sick of Labour, so we get the er-um Conservatives again. And millions of people SCREAM silently into their cups of tea. Nothing ever changes. Especially not the parties, who reap the rewards for just sitting, whilst making (invariably) terribly lousy decisions that affect everybodies lives, often drastically. Isn't it time we had a fairer system? More parties to choose from, with people who could get into power when the public vote for them?

Reward: Aha! Richer and happier by far we could all be.
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By Steve
The same is true for the US, who I guess inherited this system from the UK. Just look at the 2000 elections - let me digest that once more. So if a green candidate dares to open his mouth, speak of environmental changes that need to be done, this will automatically lead to a right-wing leader that abandons the Kyoto protocol and tramples on any environmentally sensible issues whenever he can? Now what kind of horrible "democracy" is that where the system forces you to shut up in order to not hurt your own beliefs??? :-P
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By najr
The UK needs proportional representation for a start so your vote always counts. I won't vote for the Green Party or the Liberal Democrats at the moment because they have very little chance of winning in my area.

Out of interest, this is how the MPs break down at the minute:

Conservative (163)
Democratic Unionist (6)
Independent (1)
Independent Conservative (1)
Labour (407)
Liberal Democrat (55)
Plaid Cymru (4)
Respect (1)
Scottish National (5)
Sinn Fein (4)
Social Democratic & Labour Party (3)
Ulster Unionist (5)
Speaker and Deputies (4)

The postal ballots (mainly in the north of England) were a success in that more people voted. Voting over the internet seems like the next step forward.

What I would really like to see is more decisions put to the public e.g. how many are in favour of compulsory ID cards? If the answer was something like 65% against then we could save a lot of money by scrapping the scheme now.
By Deceptive Geko
I belive we should stop people from running under political parties. If everyone were running independantly, the world would be a better place. Then again I know this would be very hard to accomplish and work out with in reason.
By Pan
that'smyQueue! you're absolutely right. People vote for one to keep the other out. At the moment it's labour, but before that it was conservative. Something interesting that I noticed on the recent election however was that there was a big swing towards other parties, in particular Lib Dem, in a lot of constituencies. This is something that I thought would happen, and I expect that in the next general election they will win a lot more seats than they have at the moment. However, it took a huge event like the war in Iraq for British people to even consider voting for someone other than labour. I think the kind of thing you mean is proportional representation, which I personally think would solve the problem of people having to tactically vote to stop the people they don't want from getting into power. The problem with that is it'll never happen because even if a government who wanted it was elected there's too much red tape in place for any government to make such a huge change.
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By Greenearthman
sTEVE, is right, the same sittuation is here in the USA with the democrats and Republicans. i like what was suggested more people or everyone running Or you would have to have all these little 3rd parties, the dozens of them, combine under one platform and a few core ideas so they could pose a threat to the 2 big parties. A few millions members, A few stand up people and some guts, it could be pulled off.....
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