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By lolita
Genetically develop a plant of which every part has a use. Say roots make potatoes, leaves are spinach, flowers are a show and seeds are to eat so were the fruits.
By Rishi
By treadair
If we could genetically alter plants that way then I'd alter Spanish Moss or some other kind of epiphyte. Since they get all of their nourishment from air it wouldn't be hard to farm them. We might want to speed up their growth rate while we're at it though since they don't grow very fast at the moment.
By Deceptive Geko
this probably wont be possible until 2059 at the earliest. God idea though
By deeparch
It might be easier just to use the palnts that are already completely usable. Cattail, Typha , for example, has roots that are fully edible, as are the young shoots. the fluff was used as filler and the mature stalks were used in a manner similiar to rattan. There are many, many examples of extensive uses of plants that have been lost to our civilized way of life. We need to remember, not reinvent.[/i]
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By magicat
Why not just plant potatoes, spinach, sunflowers(pretty with edible seeds), and tomatoes(they are a fruit). Then your garden will look awesome and you have everything you wanted. ;-D
By cowtoy
Hemp has countless uses. as paper, fabric(softer, more durable, and just as breathable as cotton), it can be compressed into shapes for construction(great insulation btw) to name a few. not to mention the active ingredient in the flowering tops has been shown to have numerous medicinal uses including treatment for asthma and even brain tumors.
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