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By thollinden
I've noticed that most women (and some men) move a hair dryer in quick & fast movements around their hair in order to dry it faster. My idea is to have a mechanism within the hair dryer that would allow the air flow to be in a swirling motion, saving the wrists of many people and making the hair dryer more effective.

Reward: Free vacation to Europe...
By ajr
What about adding some sort of oscillating air option to the exit duct or oscillating impeller?

Similar to box fans or oscillating table fans.

Similar desired result

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By Michael D. Grissom
You're right! By swirling the air you'll cause it to fan out like a tornado when it exits the nozzel which would eliminate the need to wave the dryer around so much.

You could easily build a prototype using thin brass sheets available at a local hobby shop, a pair of sizzors to cut the brass, and a soldering gun so assemble the brass deflection blades. Design it so that it will attach to the nozzel of the dryer.
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