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By Mice_Elf
Ever come back from the shops, totalled up your receipts (the ones you can find AND read) and been aghast at how much you've spent? Those "little" purchases that have somehow added up to half your salary?

My idea is for the wireless wallet, that when opened with a pin code displays the current amounts in your bank account / credit card account. When you make a transaction (eg : with a Switch card), press UPDATE and it will log into your accounts using pre-entered data and download the latest TOTAL. It can also have a field for that day's total, so you can see as you spend.

Never be caught out with your shopping total again! It will also save you the hassle of going to a cashpoint machine just to check your balance.

Reward: Recognition + 1 free.
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By Steve
Mice_Elf, I'm getting slightly confused by your "100% credit" or "100% credit AND recognition" rewards (not sure about the difference between credit and recognition, or 80% credit and 100% credit ;-) ) so I'll be replacing it by the simple word "recognition." If that's not ok for you, please let me know. Thanks! ;-D
By susieq
According to my 'Popular Science' magazine, you won't have to worry much about this for too much longer, Mice_Elf. Some stores have already started integrating these chips into everything. I don't remember exactly how it went, but everyone will have a mini device (like a keyring) with their code. You'll be able to scan things and your device will tell you how much, what it is, the ingredients, sizes, if it will fit or if you should eat it, etc. Then automatically be charged right to your account.


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