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By Little Pixie
Don't you hate it when you re-heat something in an ordinary microwave and then it's too hot to eat?! Well, the idea of the Reverse Microwave is it would cool it back down again to an acceptable level so that you could eat it. Now, I know what you're thinking - that's a Fridge. But putting extremely hot food into a fridge is not a good idea and it takes too long.

You could also have different settings so that you could also cool, chill and freeze things quickly.

Reward: No more burnt tongues and instant ice cold beer!!!
By will
no can do man. a microwave uses friction to heat by moving the polarities of the molicules very fast. you would have to slow the molecules, which thus, would be a fridge, in that cold = slow movement in molecules, no movement being absolute zero.
By Guest
Couldn't there be some type of method to send out a wave that cancels out the vibration of the molecules?

Or possibly set up a dampening field of some type to slow down the movement of the molecules?
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By Michael D. Grissom
Use a hair-dryer with the heating element switched off (some have this feature) -- it's much faster than putting your hot food in the freezer.
By B-Sides
Wow great idea, except it was originally on a nice little movie called Haggard. Now my question is, did they get the idea from this board? Or did you get your idea from their movie? Weird isn't it. Anyway, I just saw this idea from this site of WGN and felt the need to post that.
By Rishi
There is nothing amazing in Mr.Michael D. Grissom's independently arriving at a solution somebody else came up with maybe earlier. That's what is great about the human mind.

Incidentally what Mr. Grissom achieves is exactly what is required. Slowing the molecules. Or rather removing the high energy high speed molecules by blowing them away. What is left is the mass of low speed molecules. Latent heat of evaporation leads to rapid cooling.

That's what one does when one pours hot tea in a saucer and blows on it.

Most of the modern microwaves have a defrosting setting where short bursts of microwaves alternate with a longer settling period in between.

By 401kill
Hmm.. we could use freon, found in old refrigerators.. And rishi B-sides was not talking about Michael's answer he was talking about the whole reverse microswave idea..

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