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By Dona
I wish someone would market frozen concentrated tea cubes in a size that would be suitable for one glass of tea. You could add plain tap water and stir for an instant cold drink. I know that concentrated tea in a jug is available but it tastes more like lemonaid than tea. I think the lemon may be there to help preserve it or to camouflage an off-taste. I think it would not need the lemon if it was frozen. Of course there could be more varieties available - one with just tea, one with lemon, maybe some with fruit flavors like raspberry.

Reward: just to be able to purchase it at the local grocery store
By riley454
Have you ever heard of tea bags?
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By Steve
riley454 wrote:Have you ever heard of tea bags?

I think the idea is about ice tea. ;-7
By Rishi
Instant tea powder similar to instant coffee powder used to be avilable in the market.

rishi available

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