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By Mark T
Wind turbines are being used to generate electricity in several countries (Denmark for example). Why don't they have turbines that exist to remove polluting particles from the air and perhaps transfer them to the base of the station. If some of the emissions of automobiles could be captured by a "windmill" then instead of using the power to generate electricity it could be used to gather the particles and concentrate them into something that is no longer floating in the air, but contained in a solid lump.

Since the air cleaners are run by wind energy, there are no electricity costs to run them.

Reward: I hate air pollution. So if you can invent this, you would make me happy. That would be my reward.
By deSigNatic
This is a good idea but unfortunately air pollution from cars and factories generally builds up (like in the LA basin) because there is no wind to blow it out. I think one of the largest wind farms down there in San Gregorio pass is in the San Fernando valley which is on the other side of the LA Basin. I too hate pollution but i think the answer is in more solar and alternative powered vehicles.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I agree -- pollution is man made and therefore much easier to stop at the source.
By TarjeBargheer
After just 2 months a windmill has gone from white to grey. - This is a problem; the wings on a windmill have to better, and more aerodynamcially constructed than even aeroplane wings, since they have to pointed directly at the wind; the particles that heap up on the wings and slowly degenerate the form on the wings. Therefore some sort of bacteria or nano-technology that ate or cleaned the wing while spinning around, would definitely be attractive

However i believe that a forest is by far more effective at performing what you are asking for.

Windmills are better as a possible substitution for particles not being emmisioned (replacing coal-power and fossil-fuel cars).
By Rishi
Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) plays havoc. One research study of men in some of the large cities of India over a couple of decades reports a correlation between reduced active sperm count and increased SPM. There is also a large upswing in upper respiratory problems. In at least 80% of cases in major metropolises in India a telephone call first elicits a fit of coughing.

It is essential to weed out this all-pervading slow killer.

Unfortunately where the wind blows SPM is not. The larger particles are too heavy and remain near the ground,where they do the maximum damage being kept in suspension by surface gusts. Only the finest sub-micronic dust floats high enogh to be at the wind mill level. Wind farms are located either near a sea-shore or facing a long stretch of open unhindered flat land. SPM is mostly city bound.

All is not lost. If one can have a long stretch of 5 micrometer filters along the most SPM prone roads, fans(Powered by the wind generators) can suck in the polluted air through these filters and blow out clean air. The filters can do double duty as hand rails. The collected particles can be removed along with the filter material. Depth filters can be made from natural fibres of coconut or sisal.(Almost all filters for AC in India are made out of coconut fibres, if necessary with a thin coat of natural rubber latex). If we are talking of large scale operations the filters themselves can be burnt with the particles to generate some power.

Let us all put our heads together to clear this huge mess.

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