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By yanks241
When I want a tuna sandwich it aggrevates me to no end that I have to squeeze this can till my fingers turn blue to get all the unwanted juice or oil out of the can. Not to mention my hands smelling like fish afterwards for hours! This device would allow you to open the can... flip it over the sink and squeeze all the juice out without getting it all over your hands. NO can cuts either! Would be great for weight lifters to take with them when they need some protein on the go. I know they make Tuna in bags now, but the cans do still exsist and people are still buying them!

Reward: A free unit
By Ideamonger
Use a regular can opener. Then grab your largest pair of tongs, grasp tuna can with open lid on top and bottom, flip over sink and you're done. An extra utensil to clean but at least your fingers aren't fishy!
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By Michael D. Grissom
"..I have to squeeze this can till my fingers turn blue.."

I've never heard of a metal CAN that you must squeeze to extract the contents. Will you please provide a link where this can be seen? I'm really curious because I follow the container industry (I have inventions in that relm) and I haven't seen this yet. I'm not getting anything in google on this but then, I'm not sure what the proper keywords would be for this. Maybe this isn't in the USA yet? Something really new?
this is not about squeezing the can like from the sides. I think the best way to describe the can squeezing thing is this Once you have gotten the can open, you have to use the loose lid and squeeze it back down into the tuna can in order to get the juice out. So the idea here is to create an invention that both opens the can and then somehow gets all the juice out fairly quickly without nearly as much work.
By saleem
I have an idea drawn out for just such an invention minus the can opener. I'm trying to find a trustworthy source to help me or develop in total for me. The device would allow you to squeeze the can top to drain the liquid inside over your sink without straining yourself. I tried once several years ago to get it produced and marketed but got ripped off. It hasn't shown up in the market place yet so I'm still trying to get there first.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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