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By AaronBurns
If everyone on the planet who can afford to give to a World Donation Program once a year then, we could end all problems. We would set up one conglomerant of foundations and donation Companies and save tons on advertising and form a board overseeing the distribution of funds to the needy here and around the world in attempt to help cure and treat cancer, hunger, handicapped and all things we think about but never do anything about it.

If we had this conglomeration it would be Worldly accreditted and recognized and we all know why we don't donate, it is because it is troublesome. If we have people coming to our homes or having self addressed stamped return envelopes and all they ask for wass one dollar, we would all donate. Or at least I know I would.

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By Steve
Hm... Aaron, this time I'm having a hard time focussing on the gist of your idea - possibly because things work a little different over here in Europe than they do in the States. We have everything from small to huge campaigns where you can donate by just making a phone-call (probably as easy as it can get), yet, all campains are dedicated to a specific purpose ("save a family for 10 bucks" sounds just so much more attractive than "give us your money, we'll do what we believe is good"). Also, this means that each donation campaign has dedicated people behind it who work off their tails for their particular goals. Centralizing all this for one general "do good for the world campaign" would most likely mobilize less resources, plus, it would become a huge monstrous apparatus with long response times and corruption guaranteed.

The best approach to a World Donation Program I see (maybe apart from UN programs like FAO or Unicef) is having the governments feed more money into development aid programs for the third and fourth world. Strangely, the funding for these programs gets cut year after year - obviously with the blessing of the tax payer. :-?
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By AaronBurns
I do agree with you.
What I meant to write would have taken up too much space for the average reader to get my total point across.
I believe we need a UN or World Government Agency to oversee all problems and have Checks and Balances so, there would be no fraudulant practices.
Also, I wanted to reduce the cost but, increase the force behind which sperate organizations are created for by reducing the amount of people paper and beuracracy behind all efforts thusly, we have more money to spend where needed in Third World Nations.
A cross between your idea and mine would work but, it would take funding to get it started.
Mostly they need food. With my Liquid Pop Top food in a can idea, we can keep any food on there shelves and in their huts for fifty years instead of sending perishables like peanut butter and pop tarts which have a limited shelf life. And I bet they are sick of rice, wheat, and those before mentioned rations.
If we work on the Politics maybe we can help more and not less people in the process. We only need approach the individual Charities with this idea.
If you and I work on this and bring it from the docks into the main Forum for ideas, we can help save lives.
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By Steve
AaronBurns wrote:If you and I work on this and bring it from the docks into the main Forum for ideas, we can help save lives.

Done. ;-)
By Duncan from Oz
One big agency to solve all the world's problems, that would simultaneously reduce bureaucracy and get more help to the people that need it?

Karl Marx had a similar idea except for the bureaucracy angle. Russia tried it. China, Vietnam and North Korea too.

Rather than push responsibility for problems away from the people who are suffering, how about work on helping them to solve their own problems?

The UN has a number of agencies who work on various problems. Some airlift food when times are desperate, many work on the causes of problems in partnership with local governments.

How about instead of an Agency we create a Network, made up of individuals and organisations with the credentials to do the job? It could be called something like 'The Creativity Pool'.
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By AaronBurns
I was kind of thinking like the NATO Organization that over sees all of us alias.
So, maybe your right and we just need to give the general structure of the all of the organizations to one agency and sub out the others.
I think keeping more smaller agencies to do specific jobs in more places sounds more appropriate.
So, I agree!
By DirtpatchSmacky
Ther is NO simple answer to world strife. For instance, in cases wher food is shipped to starving people, we dont just ship off a few thousand cases of peanut butter and pop tarts. we have to ship food indigenous to the area, people that have eaten mostlly rice and other extremmely fresh food, would be allmost as harmed by eating additive rich, sugar rich, etc., food of the western world, as suffering from mal-nutrition. when your talking about food drops, there are many places where food is shipped, most notiblly in african regions, that when they get there the people in command, commandeer the shipments, and charge people for the food, let it rot instead of dissperse it etc. Now your agency would also have to have a policing force to make sure that the food got to its intended targets, this policing force would have to be an army. in order for your army to be able to just go in and protect the food and deliever it, you would have to have a world wide governing body that states your "conglomerate" has authority that supercedes all soveriegn nations, if not, your armys going into a country to gaurd its cargo would be considered an act of war. this case scenario could go on for ever, your hearts in the right place, but there are no easy answers.
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