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By AaronBurns
People could Bid on being with a celebrity for an hour, or some other specified time, then the celebrity gives most of the money (A percentage) to a charity of the bidder's choice. What ever the celebrity and the renter decide to do would come to some agreement previous to the meeting.

What would you want more than to be with someone famous of your choice. A great gift that can't be beat!

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By parhat
The money received wouldn't be amount to a hill of beans. More money is received whenever a celebrity gets each major T.V. networks to compete bidding and a percentage goes to charity. The real deal is when the charity goes to the end user and the networks must agree to show TO THE people that the money did indeed go to those in need. Most of the hundreds of millions in Charities raised for tsunami victims, such as Thailand didn't receive a penny, apparently the directors of some charity just siphoned off the money somewhere. Hence, a network will make money from sponsors to show that the money did go as intended and unresolved problems from first event can be used to raise more money in case the money received didn't solve the problem as intended.
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