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By AaronBurns
Simply split the hydrogen and oxygen and have two useful products for under water use. You can breath the oxygen created from the splitting of the H2O and use the hydrogen as a propellent. Normally we compress the oxygen in tanks and then dive. But, with the chemicals added in on extra tank that takes in the water and splits it into oxygen and hydrogen you can stay under water a much longer time. It might be better for deeper diving as well.

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By jonny_fever
Scuba has been around for quite a long time, and many improvements have been made since it's birth. The most popular and accessible method of air is compressed air. Usually a standard 3000 psi, but depending on the material the tank is made of, and the abilities of the individual, that number can vary. Aside from pressurized air, there is also Nitrox. Which is Nitrogen enriched Oxygen, or as I understand it, more oxegenated air. There are also more expensive methods such as rebreathers, which works on the principle that we only use about 14% of the oxygen we breath in. This method is widely used by elite miltary units because you can stay down for longer with less tank wieght, and it produces no bubbles. The problem with developing methods for longer bottom time is getting bent. I've found that using the standard method of compressed air you can stay down for as long as you want, as deep as you want (until you run out of air that is) without getting bent. I wouldn't recommend this method. It is always best to use the RDP. Now if your talking about reasons to dive other than recreational, such as rescue or construction, I am all for developing methods for longer, and safer bottom time. Remember, diving can be a very dangerous pastime, and someone should know what their limits are before they dive deeper or longer.
By scottraine123
i though about this you would need to minimise the electoysis process which sepertaes oxygen from water and hyfrogen from water. its a good idea, but u need a main source of power e.g. a battery pack or a solar panel, but the battery would toxify the air but the solar panel would make it breathable. im testin the electorsis experiment this weekend ill kepp u posted on wats happened ;-D
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By AaronBurns
Write with any new findings and do keep me up to date.
Thank you! ;-D
By cgr
breathing pure oxygen under pressure (such as in diving) is a no-no for anything but technical diving (deco, and rebreathers)...even then it is complicated.

when you start getting into oxygen rich gasses (such as the popular Nitrox blends) to increase your bottom time, you are also introducing the risk of Oxygen Toxicity (ox-tox). It is a really bad way to die.
By Rishi
About 60 amp hours of electricity will produce 22.5 litres of Oxygen at Normal Temperature and Pressure. This will not get a diver very far.This will completely drain an automobile battery, Which is quite heavy too. Solar power is a no-no underwater, as no irradiation will reach the depths and the panel size will be huge in any case.

For non-military applications, one can consider a manned underwater tank swap system on the lines of mid-air refuelling, rather like a wayside gas station. Unfortunately, no rest room or snacks. Who knows? Someone may come up with those too.

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By AaronBurns
With Saline being the major make up of Oceanic components in it's content we can achieve a self contained and replenishable resource for an electrical response from the salt itself if we can simply charge it and possibly flow the saline "Ocean Water" through channels on your Scuba gear back pack and letting the conductivity from an all ready charged battery use the salt built onto a collecting rod while a rod of Electrons gets pulled off the other to create a self contained replnishable battery where the salt amps small amounts of electricity into a standard positive/negative light weight auto like battery and use the salt as the acidic base for rod to rod transference for temporary throw away batteries since a lead rod will completelt dissolve after it's electrons are collected on the positive rod just to reduce weight and be a replaceable resource to split the H2O.
This whole process is too create a breathable surface air not pure Oxygen and is currently too heavy to carry, but you might consider a propulsion machine (Quit common) in front of the diver too do all the work for you and simply provide dissolveable solids of chemicals found in air too make it breathable by passing water through the dissolving solids and holding the bouyant new air from the solids that rise above the surface in a chamber of the container and mix with pure oxygen to allow a common above water sustainable and breathable air.
I think the extracted Hydrogen could be of use as a fuel in the process only it is highly volatile, but it can be ignited and then after you split the hydrogen and oxygen they can be an easy fuel when burning as a combination like a propane torch and just use the burning fuel to replace any under water battery and let the flames produce output in running a secondary unit extracting the oxygen.
Simply split the H2O- burn the fuels when recombined- use the energy output too run a larger machine to have a replenishable resource of oxygen since the forward motion of the fueled propulsion machine combine will force water into the splitter tank through added chemicals too produce the final life sustaining air we breath every day.
Two parts- storage tanks on your back to breath connected to the splitter/propulsion machine.
I need more input on this since H2O splitters are heavy, hard too sustain power wise and need to not malfunction and be a simplistic design.
I am throwing ideas around and considering all your ideas you have sent.
The other idea is too make a working unit and then produce a deep diving suit for high pressure diving by having the machine create a liquid oxygen used to equalize pressure in exploring Ocean depths.
So, simply create a saline battery that turns out liquid Oxygen and we have something.
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