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By pkr
It takes a lot of risk and time to experiment new medicines on humans. Alternatively other animals are used. How about thinking of a software/hardware simulated system which reacts same as human body chemicaly/physically so that people can experiment on it for the sake of humans.

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By jacobpatrick
this one is quite future based.
the reason being the software would have to be capable of computing every atom in a human body.
and then it would have to build a detailed map of the human brain which apparently has more connections than the known unniverse has stars.
and whats more you would have to test your drug on millions of these programs because some drugs might work on some people with certain types of dna and not on poeple with other types.

im not sure how true that statement is thats just my guess.

but having said all of that i think that as soon as nano or dna computing comes to pass, this could all be very feasable.

you might even be able to build a virtual clone of a patient using there dna and test a drug on that model before even giving it to the person.

this would be a hugely valuable tool indeed.
infact it could blow conventional medison out of the water.
because if you were to build a map of somebody on a computer, the computer could diagnose this person and run all known mollecules through this virtual map until it found one that did the job and didn't cause any harm.
the cure might not be a conventional drug at all it could be anything the computer thinks will work.
i think this will be the case before 2050.
and i would be surprised if they did not do this at all.

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