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Most people will use a towel in the shower to remove that annoying and gross eye gunk but it comes back through out the day and then what? You try to get rid of it with your finger or a dry tissue paper but, it is too hard and wont come off. You can try the common moist towelettes that all ready exist but, they have soap or alcohol which is damaging or painful to use.

If we add an eye moisturizer to a towelette then we could get rid of eye gunk when your out driving around or some where that you can't get home. It would fit in your purse or car or anywhere you put towelettes and be very accessable at any time. If you were home you could wet a wash cloth or small towel but then you would have to wash it later. For good eye health and no scratches (which is easy to do to your eyes) you should use something like this product to clean out your eyes. A healthy way to keep them clean and if you wear contacts the eye gunk is a constant problem. They would hand them out with every pair of contacts. You could make a moist towelette form of it to fit over your finger, and use it that way too, since sometimes it is only in the corners of your eyes (also disposable).

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