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By Itheoxy Xakhzhatlia
Get a licence for import and export coca tea to sell in the EU. Peru, Bolivia and Colombia have this product already on sale. The coca tea is legal, medicinal, tonic, delicious and is new in the market. The producers are not "Big" people so they still don´t have the adequate business backup nor huge promotions. A new sensational product for the EU.

Reward: any
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By Steve
Just to make sure - you wrote UE but I guess you meant the EU rather than the United Emirates? ;-7
By marilyn
Wonderful Idea Itheoxy wish I could take up this opportunity maybe I'll look into it.
As for you Steve I must admit you keep turning up like a bad penny why do you mock people? you obviously have nothing else to do.
By sneezyalex
coca tea? :-?
By marilyn
I found this item on ebay at $17.00 a packet and you can only buy one packet a time, something to do with the cocaine it contains.
By alana
Too late already has the monopoly of legal coca tea in US and Canad, just go to and search for coca tea, you'll be Amazed
By alana
By the way , they ship worldwide from the US
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By Michael D. Grissom
Does anyone have a recipe for Coca Tea?

It sounds like a tasty combination and I wonder now what it would taste like if it was carbonated.

If not, I'll google for it.
By pazon02
Kudos from Peru,Coca tea is not only a tradition but part of our culture,The Incas used Coca to releave and cure illnessess.But this tradition is still with us.if you're thinking of coca tea to begin a business just take a look at the thousands of medicinal plants we have that cure same number of modern illnessess.find out about yacon which is a fruit grew in the highlands tastes like sugar but it's not.good for diabetes.I've tried all these kinds of edulcorants you have out there but they taste to everything but sugar.imagine Candies made with this fruit.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Thank you pazon02. I will Google "Yacon" to find out more about it. I am always looking for a better sugar substitute.

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