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By Steve
This one's for the cold season...

Have you ever found yourself kissing a girl on the sidewalk in winter - cold winds blowing - snow falling... can be pretty romantic, but if you're not careful, you'll get *very* chilly fingers in no time at all. Sure, you could wear gloves, but do you really want to caress her with mittens on your hands?!

The solution is so easy that I really wonder why nobody came up with it before - pretty girls should have kissing pockets (or a kissing muff if you will) on the back of their coats/jackets. So while you embrace and kiss her, you can keep your hands nice and warm.

This is the invention of the century!

Reward: Free kissing pockets for the girls in my area :)
By Duncan from Oz
I'm sure that girls will really enjoy warming their boyfriends' cold hands on their backs.
By nov8r
What about all the not so pretty girls? Thats alot of missed market oppurtunity!!
How about a fold out insulated body cover bag for two, and no one knows shes not pretty or you for that matter, and it's private
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By thinktankak
Kissing pockets are good (external cloth to put hands in); but how about kissing 'holes'? An incision would be made on the lines approximately mirror to a hoodie's front pocket opening. These incisions would be lined (front, back, and both sides- for thin coats, only one side should be necessary) with a "tough" 'iron on' protective material to prevent fraying of the edges of the coat using some type of strong glue. Voilà, and now while you embrace and kiss her, you can keep your hands nice and warm by inserting them in to these holes and around here body unimpaired by a coat, a much more intimate situation.

Extras: For style you could glue strip magnets on top of the inside edges of the "tough" 'iron on' protective material to prevent fraying, now effectively being able to open and close these pockets while disallowing air to penetrate the coat.

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