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By asbestosfriend
Where are the police when you see a traffic violation? Nowhere, that's where.

I propose the provincial/state governments create a course for the above average driver (someone with the maximum amount of merits on their license) to take to learn the basics of vehicle trafficing and violations.

Once the civilian has passed the course, s/he could be licenced in thier city and province/state and allowed to pull over and ticket other civilian offenders.

This system could be based on comission renumeration only so that the government pays a small percentage fee based on the ticket.

It's a win-win situation. The civilian makes money and the government makes more money as they are catching more motorists break the law, than they would have due to insufficient policing of traffic. Also, they could charge money for teaching the registered course.

Reward: I'd love to see this in effect anywhere! No reward needed at the streets would be safer for everyone!
By WayneR
That would be horrible! What is to stop bad people from pulling you over, acting like a "good citezen", and robbing you, hurting you, raping you, or anything else....
By asbestosfriend
Hmmm, did you not read the part about the people having to pass a course? It would be regulated by the local police. Besides, whats to say no one will "help" you change your tire when you have a flat and rape you. Those thoughts are paranoid, must be american. Anyways, it would be regulated by the cops, and you would have to report just the same as a bylaw enforcment officers otherwise known as meter maids. They have a ticket book and their vehickles they use are licenced with numbers on the side to identify them. These people would have the same for easy identification. Also, they would only work in city limits.

In your line of thought, whats to say a cop couldnt pull you over and rape you? So do you not let police pull you over? All they have had is training and been licenced from a civilian just like I propose here....
By Stewie123
when I first saw the title of the topic I was think that what a bout a robotic cop that you could by to protect you from bugulers, killers, anyone that is going to cause harm to your or your family.
By llemmart
besides the fact that someone gets out of their car and goes to another driver pretending to be a cop then the mad driver gets out and kicks your butt, that would make most cops getting paid for nothing
By enigmanuma
As fas as I'm concerned the police are those citizens you are referring to. The government uses a multi pronged system of remotely controling their people. The police, fines, and social control. Isn't this enough. The adolescants that speed for fun are eventually going to grow out of it. I mean the system in place is fairly good.

It's not paranoid to consider the possibility that some opportunists will portray themselves as your citizen force and do harm to people. It is a fact that it will happen. I'm not letting "Barney" in his flat-bed pickup pull me over for a ticket. No chance.

It's a good theory though. Some things are just fine as they are. It's impossible to have a perfect world.
By alan5953
The problem is with the people being pulled over. Can you trust someone who tailgates, cuts people off, and drives like a maniac to behave like a normal person when pulled over by a civilian? I would love to pull over some of these maniacs and ticket them. When the police pull them over they have a gun so they are relatively safe. If I were to pull people over, without a gun, I am risking my life. If you give guns to civilian drivers acting as cops, this could create more problems.

In my view the problem is money. The police focus on parking violations because parking tickets can be written much more quickly and efficiently. Pulling over bad drivers takes a lot longer, not to mention tying up the roads. Another problem is that the police focus on speeders, when those who tailgate and cut people off areb a lot more dangerous.
By Astaroth
Of cause living in the UK the police have to take "the risk" of pulling someone over who could become vilolent without the "protection" of having a firearm. Of cause however, the policemans pay does take into consideration the risks which they put themselves under.

My concern would the potential for people to pull others over purely as a cash generating scheme - secondly, each authorised citizen would need to have the video recording equipement in their vehicle to have evidence of the alleged offence and each person would have to make themselves available to go to court as the "arresting officer" for those people that dispute the ticket.

Whilst it would be nice to be able to pull people over I know my employers wouldnt allow me a couple of days a month off of work to go to court for something I receive renumeration for.
By RustyStrings
If enforcing traffic code is that serious an issue that we need to get other motorists to pitch in...frankly I'd be more interested in cross-training citizens in accident response, that sort of thing.

In addition...all applicants for this service had best be psychologically screened for any tendencies to abuse their position. Ditto for police.
By doenerij
this idea is praticly so stupid. imagine all those bums now just sitting next to the road tryna get some footage from violations..and even if that proof wouldn't even be allowed it still would be a way for crooked people to make money.

besides the fact that i think that most traffic violations are appropriate cause their based on subjective situations which are assessable for (most) of the people who actually make them
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