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A large percentage of people who gain excesive weight due to overeating, eat when there not even hungry, but just because of the flavor and taste of the food, or the "sensation" of having it in their mouth.

It would be great to have some kind of gum or chewing substance that was flavored like our favorite foods. Not only could this reduce the amount actual excessive weight gain from unnecesary eating, but it could probably help in the weight loose process, by basicly eating less, but getting the same fulfilments.

Of course the product would have to be made so it would not loose flavor for a while, because unlike chewing gum, it would be pretty nasty to be tasting a food one second, and then chewing on a tasteless nothing the next. And im not saying it will completly satisfy a person the same as food would, because it probably wouldn't. But it could help. I thin kit would have more of a chance in the States, where our overweight percentage is discustingly high.
By Fishy Bizniss
thats a hot idea yeah charlie and the choclate factory had blueberry gum that tasted just like blueberrys and the girl turned into a blueberry! ive often thought of the same exact thing even though i dont eat when im not hungry.... B-)
By sneezyalex
How about that meal gum! ;-D

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