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By AaronBurns
A solid rubber ball, that has thousands of tiny one millimeter spikes, that goes into your wash water and will grab and collect all the lint traveling out of you clothes and out of your pockets and keep it from getting back into your clothes, in the wash or the dryer. It won't float so, it will just bounce from the bottom, up (and all around) and the spikes won't get tangled into tight balls of clothes because they are too small to get tanggled but, big enough to trap lint.

The lint and hair and all the rest of the stuff you wouldn't want on or in your clothes, goes onto the ball instead and is easily pulled off the ball after the wash and then, you simply throw away what is left behind on the ball. Much like the lint trap of the dryer. You can also reduce most of the lint going into the lint trap of the dryer and the lint trap doesn't grab any hair or other debrise that this spiked ball will grab, reducing the chances of a fire in your dryer and keeping your clothes cleaner and keeps all the gross stuff out of the laundry so you wont have to deal with that problem, a little at a time, later.

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