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A sling shot that is completely round and made of a very thin, strong rubber, in any color, that is centered just like a Native American drum toy. Tied to a outer, plastic, round circle then, attached to a rubber sling with a plastic handle to hold onto for that added spring. You simply pull back on a rubber handle, attached to the back of the rubber circle center and let go. With the rubber center and the partial rubber handle you have twice the power in slinging objects that you trap in the center of the sling shot and when it is in the center of the sling-shot it is more accurate than the usual sling shot because it doesn't move from side to side but, just from back to forward which, will send it straight out instead of to the side, even slightly. This sling has two properties. It has the rubber, circular, center that will be extremely effective in shooting out anything fast and accurate and the partial, upper, handle that, attaches to the sling on top and a hard plastic handle at the bottom for maximum velocity and spring action. Easy to make, cheap and can be made to have different strengths so that, you could even make a weak one for kids in the house for nurf balls or shooting paper balls. You can even make one strong enough to shoot hundreds of yards. Many uses and for all ages.

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By Steve
How whould the object that you are trying to shoot stay within the sling shot? With a regular sling-shot, you can hold on to it, but if I get your idea right, with your mechanism it is completely covered by a sort of rubber membrane? Maybe the handly would create a tiny vacuum (suction) that is released autmoatically as the object moves forward? :-?
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By AaronBurns
On the back of our rubber membrane, we have a handle that pulls back and creates a pocket where, you grab the object in the open pocket when, the pocket is pulled back and open, trapping the object in the center.
If the handle on the back of the rubber membrane is thin you would simply use two fingers to trap any object into the center until released. :-D
By Luke Krafft
when i was a kid,
we used to tie a balloon to a 6" long tube
(garden hose works ok, or a model rocket tube, or lots of things)

the trick was tieing the balloon on really tight,
but not with something that would tear it when you pulled it back,
maybe rubber bands wrapped around a bunch?
i forget what we used, just that the balloon would always
tear eventually. and tape didnt work that well.

the main problem was if you didn't pull the pellet back
completely straight, instead of firing out the tube,
it would nail you in the wrist,
tho i a simple guard would solve that
(never thought of it till now)

they were wicked pea shooters, would shoot across the pond,
and you could use many things for ammo,
marbles for car windshields,
little pebbles that you'd spend forever collecting,
or our favorite, these little orange candy pellets,
that my mom must have gotten at some bargain place,
cuz we had sooooo many,
they were powdery, so when they hit something hard they would vaporize!
they were too dangerous to shoot at anyone tho,
and we got in trouble enough so they'd get confiscated on sight.

a safer gun we would have gun fights with used
a clothes pin stapled to a board to hold a rubber band tight,
then you can leave it loaded with a twig and press the clothes
pin as a trigger. sweet!

i always just assumed these were timeless inventions,
refined by and passed down from older brothers,
maybe we need to start making pamphlets to smuggle
into elementary schools?!


ps aaron, whenever it gets put up, check out my skatepark idea
in sports and fitness, i just saw your air hockey one after i was
done typing it up.
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