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By bgin
I love the way fresh grass feels between my toes if someone could produce a flip flop that had a chia grass that grew on the inner sole of the shoe so no matter where you were it would feel like grass. It would be great!

Reward: lifetime of shoes for myself and friends
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By Michael D. Grissom
Try cutting artificial turf to match your insole. This is available at large carpet stores.

I remember my hippie 60's days and that feeling of grass between the toes. I still have my tire tread flops from that era and still have about 30,000 miles to go on their warrantee!
By bgin
thanx for the idea I am going to try my hand at the chia flip flop soon I have an old head I hope the seeds are still good! i just cant think of a surface that you can walk in that the seeds could adhere to, chia uses ceramic not good for walking.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Well, I was going to leave for lack of time but realized that my number of posts was at "666" and I can't leave it THERE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so here goes 667!

I have seen ultra thin seed imbedded pads that help speed up the planting process and these could be covered with open-cell foam padding to allow the grass to grow through.

The only problems that I see are in preventing all the bad stuff from growing along with the grass and how long can the grass survive in conditions of darkness and the pressures of walking on it.

You may still want to consider imitation (plastic, silicone rubber) grass as these can be, if not already, made to feel like the real thing.
By bgin
ah! the mark of the beast! i can sympathize I am supersticious as well glad I could be of some service!
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By Steve
Another problem to solve - grass feels best to walk on when it's cool and fresh. If you permanently step on the same piece of grass, it would go flat (quite virtually) within minutes. So if this can be done, you'd probably have to go artificial (like Mike suggested).

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