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By shalsim
A mouth wash you can drink. It would be more effective as it will freshen your mouth, throat and your esophagus/stomach -- where all nasties usually come from. You can drink it anywhere, just like a soft drink.
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By Steve
This already exists - it's called "Whisky"! :-D
By Alan McKenna
There is a mouth wash already on the market that has no alcohol or toxic ingredients. It can be swallowed and is great for your tummy.
Please email me and I am happy to send you info. It is available in yours and many countries.
By yadalam1980
as iam dentist i will tell u whether its really available or not, as far as my knowledge goes i dont think so.drinkable mouthwash has lot of disadvantages, very difficult
By julia.sadie
I think that a drinkable mouthwash would be a bad idea; mouthwash has a lot of chemicals that is needed to clean your teeth, but can be toxic if swallowed often enough. Besides, would you really want to swallow something that you swilled in your mouth to remove dirt and food particles?
By Rishi
Steve wrote:This already exists - it's called "Whisky"! :-D

A less intoxicating solution is green tea.
rishi ;7
By christopher
There is mouth wash without alcohol and mixed with hydrogen peroxide is safe to drink.It also help out our gums daily with one rinse causing no damage.You can drink it on the go, at work or any where.
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