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By BrainDatabase
Ok this is for all the women out there... Imagine a toilet with a mechanical seat that when flushed it automatically retracts the seat to the 'down position'. An adjustable timer feature can also be added to allow users to set the delay of the seat being retracted (so you're not left sitting on the seat).

I think this idea can defentally take off if marketed correctly.

Imagine... No more nagging of the wife about leaving the toilet seat up. Life is beautifull isn't it?

Reward: Recognition and free toilets?
By sneezyalex
They have those and along with water butt masages and prefolded toiet paper and they cost quite a bit.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I just saw three patents for this idea just last night on when searching for the patent number on my ozone toilet seat "stinker stopper" previously posted on this site (before it was patented btw).
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By 1313
OK so women are annoyed when we leave the seat up! Not as annoyed as when I find the seat left down!!! Makes hell of a mess if you dont lift the lid, and my slipers get soggy. :-)

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