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By Steve
It has happened to everyone: You have been watching a sports event for nearly two hours and nothing spectacular has happened. So you decide to go fetch a beer. The moment you're in the kitchen, you hear the commentator yelling and the audience roaring like mad. You run back to the living room to see what's going on, but by the time you're there it's all over. (Ok, they might show you a replay, but it's not the same thing...)

The solution: Push the "Picture Delay" button on your remote control before setting off for the kitchen. With this feature, the picture will lag ten seconds behind the sound. If you hear that there's something exiting going on, you have enough time to return to your TV set and see it on the screen.
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By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
Why do I get the feeling that this recently happened to you? B-)
By mktglogic
It's called TiVo. It a digital recorder that records the show live. You can do a "replay" to check on something you missed while it keeps on recording. Want to "catch up" to where you were? Just fast forward and you're "current" again. Check at any electronics store. In addition to the cost of the unit, I believe there is a monthly subscription fee. Good luck!
By mtd28student
Some minidisc players have got a similar feature. When you want to record from the radio, you sometimes miss the start of a song. Sony developed a thing called timemachine recording, where the sytem contiually has a buffer of about 6 seconds of audio. So when you press record, it already has the last 6 seconds saved. all you have to do is edit it out again once you are finished. A similar method could be used to solve your problem.
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