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By Vader
Beauty [of] under sea can enjoy variously. One of them with scuba diving. One of [the] equipments of scuba is containing tube [of] air, used to breathe underwater. Diver has to go out to surface when supply of air has almost [used up/finished]. I have an idea which early from how fish breathe. They take underwater dissolve oxygen with gill, but after some data collecting, in the reality the amount of dissolve oxygen in water is very small, so that fall short need of human being to breathe.

Later, then my idea come after seeing the chemical structure of water that is H2O, where there are oxygen element and hydrogen. Human beings breathe with composition 75 % of nitrogen and 15 % oxygen and the rest is other gas. Since Nitrogen only circulating in our body, we don’t have to add the amount of that gas... what we need to breathe is only oxygen. I have an idea to produce the oxygen from electrolysis process. In that process water is divided into hydrogen and oxygen. Take the oxygen and keep in the reservoir tube and release on the amount that adjust from our breathing rhyme at the same time as the nitrogen circulate. The released CO2 nor thrown off hand, I use the way of Rebreather which is able to process again CO2 become O2. So that people can dive with unlimited time. Question hereinafter is do human being can stay underwater prolonging. This idea can be developed to become a town below/under air... where at one time continent have been fulled by human being.
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By Steve
I would assume that (amongst other issues) this would just shift the problem of running out of oxygen to running out of electricity to generate the oxygen. ;-)
By sneezyalex
They have things called scrubbers that will take the air you breath out and scrubb the carbon dioxide out of the air to use again. The scrubbers can keep scrubbing for six hours and no air bubbles are released. Navy seals use this to sneek up on the enemy.
By Rishi
The air we breathe (At sea level) has an oxygen partial pressure of about 150mm Hg, the balance being essentially nitrogen. The air we breathe out is usually 100 mm Hg oxygen, about 50 mm Hg carbon di oxide and the balance nitrogen.

The scrubburs remove only the carbon di oxide. What this means is that the outlet from the scrubber has a steadily decreasing oxygen partial pressure. Since we do need an oxygen pressure of about 150 mm Hg, the seals carry additional Oxygen cylinders that continuously make up the consumed oxygen.

Faraday's laws indicate that one needs about 1 ampere hour of electricity to get 1 minute's supply of oxygen assuming a scrubber is used to recycle the nitrogen. A car batttery has a capacity of about 90 amp hrs of which probably only 75 can be really used. These batteries are quite heavy . Wearing one of these, one can only walk on the floor underwater unless buoyancy tanks are used.

Sorry to throw cold water on unlimited underwater stay using electrolysis using on board powerpacks. However one can think of some sort of mid water refuelling to discard spent cylinders and strap on fresh ones. A central electrolyser can produce oxygen from conducting sea water. The hydrogen gas by product can be used to run fuel cells for augmenting power.

By sneezyalex
Is it possible to have some kind of device that will take the oxygen out of the water and allow you to breath? :-?
Like fish and their gills.
Would it allow you an unlimited supply of oxygen? :-? :-? :-?
By Rishi
In the case of fish the gills do not separate oxygen gas out of water. The membrane has sea water on one side and blood on the other. The oxygen diffuses across the gills into the blood of the fish.

Human lungs are designed to be gas breathing. We have to have oxygen in the gaseous form to breathe. There maybe a solution if a semipermeable membrane can be designed to diffuse oxygen from sea water into a gas on the other side. But the partial pressure of oxygen in sea water is way below the 150 mm Hg that humans need, which means that even if we have such a membrane, the resulting gas has to be processed to increase the Oxygen partial pressure to the needed levels.

By The_Wise
There are dangers of breathing pure oxygen at depths below 5m (oxygen poisoning, causing convulsions..etc).
That's why SCUBA divers breath compressed air as opposed to compressed oxygen. Also with close circuit rebreathers, to dive below this oxygen barrier, different types of gases are mixed with the oxygen (N2, He, Ar). Now the problem with these gases: N2 at depths causes narcosis, and Helium and Argon are difficult to produce.
This is where this electrolyzer idea could come in. Hydrogen gas could be an ideal gas to mix with the oxygen, replacing the Helium and Argon as mixed gases. But O2+1/2H2 --> boom! If somebody could work out a way to use hydrogen as a misable diving gases, then this diving system would be great...producing oxygen and hydrogen!
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