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By Steve
You might have heard of the fact that "beaming" (like in "Star Trek") has been discovered for very small particles?

Well, the logical application would be to invent a vacuum cleaner using this feature. You could have a tiny divice (without dragging behind you the huge machine that always gets stuck somewhere between your furniture), and in doesn't matter if the technology isn't perfect yet or still involves some risks (just as in "The Fly"), because if the molecules of the dirt you are trying to remove get mixed up in some way, no one cares.

Reward: A free beaming vacuum cleaner.
By ArdeoCaldidus
at this time it cant be done. To be able to "beam" a particle, you would need extreme amounts of energy. Also The are many particles in the molocules of dirt, so right now we dont have the technology to do this. But its a good idea for the future.
By Jack Nobbz
If you're talking about quantum teleportation (I really think you are), it's not genuine "beaming". It's simply the transference of a quantum state from one particle to another, effectively making the new particle have the same state as the old one (effectively making it identical to the old one), while destroying the state of the other. Due to it's name as teleportation, it gets many people confused. This cannot, however, be used to simply destroy particles or move them to a new place.

Until we sort proper star-trek teleportation out.
By xanado
Jack, please read this post to the end! I can't resist replying to you directly. For the past hour I've been reading all you posts mocking people's ideas and I was just starting to hate you for it and thinking "why is this a-hole being so cynical and why is he buggering up this nice site". But this one realy mad me laugh my head off. This is probably the most ridiculous idea I have ever seen on this site (won't even waste my time explaining why I feel this way) and you reply to it on a SERIOUS note. Great British sense of humour mate!! :-b

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